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Standing Committee for Publication and Scientific Research

• Consider offers to the Scientific Council of the University Publishing production (authorship, translation, or an investigation).

• Recommendation of the Scientific Council of arbitration committees books provided either for publication by the University, or calculated within minimum to upgrade, after making sure they meet the requirements of the arbitration.

• Recommendation to the Scientific Council in the case of consent to publish book project through University, or reprint the book, author/compiler/reward assessment detective (or authors/translators/investigators).

• Recommendation of the Scientific Council by issuing scientific journals, shaping and reshaping the editorial scientific journals, recommending bonuses after editorial review annual reports.

• Recommendation on all topics of scientific publishing that requires displayed on the Scientific Council.

• Considering requests for apprenticeship and completion reports for sabbatical.

• Consider asking for scientific sessions or workshops, seminars or scientific connection.

• Consider the nomination for awards.

• Consider the approval of the establishment of scientific societies.

• Consider any other matters referred

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